Services Offered

Course of Treatment:

Because it is specific to the individual, there is no typical course of treatment. Depending upon the condition, the duration of the problem, and the modalities used, a course may vary from one simple session to a series of several visits.


By working closely with your current doctor, we can achieve bettter success. In addition, should medical attention be needed, patients are promptly referred to the appropriate doctor.


Acupuncture is one of the most effective means not only for the treatment of illness but for the the restoration of balance and prevention of disease. Modern acupuncture thearapy, using extremely fine disposable needles, is completely safe, following the guidelines of the National Commission For The Certification of Acupuncturists. Disposable needles are used in accordance with the modern standard of practice to prevent any possible transmission of disease. Patients generally feel relaxed and comfortable during and after treatment.


Based upon the principle that it is the person that needs treatment, not the disease. Homeopathy is a precise, scientific practice that uses very minute quantities of a substance to stimulate the "vital force." bringing about deep healing. Homeopathy can be used to treat acute conditions as well as prevent disease. It is particulary beneficial in children, who respond dramatically to homeopathic treatment.

Clinical Herbology

New research is finding that some western herbs can safely replace many conventionally pharmacological agents. In addition, the introduction to the West of the treasure of oriental herbal medicine provides an incredible array of safe, proven treatment.

Therapeutic Nutrition

Modern nutritional theory concerns not only what but how, when, what forms, and why we eat. Many chronic and degenerative diseases can be prevented and treated with dietary therapy, specific supplements, and education, thereby avoiding costly and risky invasive procedures.



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